Shihan H.J Hoffman

With a beginning in Martial Arts dating back to June of 1960, Shihan John Hoffman is a recognized Professor of Martial Arts and the 9th Dan chief instructor and founder of Tae'Kyon Kara'Te Australia.

His studies have led him around the world in pursuit of valuable Martial Arts experience and Medical knowledge, spending from 3 months up to two years at a time in any country. Some of the countries he has studied in have been India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, America, Korea, Japan and of course Australia.

September 2012 Editorial - Shihan John Hoffman:

"I am not a creative writer, nor am I a journalist. Nevertheless I shall put in brief history and information, with studies of varying Martial Arts, as well as Eastern and Western Medical Science studies, and levels of Diplomas attained of these subjects involved.

My name is John Hoffman, age 66 to date, now a senior citizen, achieving the title of Grand Master, 8th Dan (Degree) 'Black Belt' in 2006. Of Martial Arts, my 1st Dan-Black Belt, in India - 1966 after 4 years practice, furthering in the studies in Kara'Te in Australia.

1967-1970 Australian Military Service, 2 years in Malaysia, practice and studies in Kara'Te, Tae'Kwon-Do and Shao-Lin, attaining 2nd Dan Tae'Kwon-Do, later 1976 - 4th Dan, 1971 - 3rd Dan Kara'Te, in Brazil.

Countries: - With teachers, having returned several times for periods 3 - 6 months at times a full year, to be taught by my teachers of high ranking and knowledge with age, much older than I and of great value, and most of whom have passed away. Countries traveled over the years attaining 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Dan (Degrees) go as follows:- Australia, India, Malaysia, Brazil, China, U.S.A, Korea and Japan.

Since 1980-2000, Eastern and Western Medical Sciences studies, the teaching of Martial Arts since 1974 and ongoing studies in Martial Arts and Medicine, with the application and practices in alternative and allied Western systems over the years.

My thanks to past and present students over the years, who I hope to see continue in their future practice in the Art of Self-Defence Martial Arts. Although I do not make a living, or associate with the $ - driven marketing, nevertheless I am still here to assist and or mentor in both Martial Arts and Healing Arts."


2006 - 8th Dan: Tae'Kyon Kara'Te.
2006 - Platinum Life Achievement. Recognition by the United Federation of Grandmaster's Council, Shinjimasu International, Hall of Fame.
2001 - Bachelor of Health Science (Natural Medicine). V.U.T University.
1999 - Adv.Dip.App.Sci 'Myotherapy'. R.M.I.T University.
1995 - 6th Dan: Shorin Ryu Kara’Te
Japanese Martial Arts System. Accredited by Okinawa Japan.
1994 - 5th Dan: W.T.F Tae’Kwon-Do
Korean Martial Arts System. Accredited by (W.T.F) Kukkiwon Korea
1980 - 1988: Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Attaining in 1985 Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine during studies and clinical experience.
1976 - Master of Shao-Lin Weaponry
Chinese Martial Art System. Accredited by South East Asia.
1972 - 3rd Dan: I.T.F Tae'Kwon-Do. Korean Martial Arts System. Accredited by (I.T.F) Korea.
1966 - 1st Dan Budokan Kara'Te. Accredited by (Kara'Te Budokan International) Bombay India.



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Shihan John Hoffman - Malaysia

Shihan HJ Hoffman 6th Dan Shorin Ryu Karate


May 2000 interview with Shihan Hoffman (select link to view) 'Forty Years of German Precision'