Tae'Kyon Kara'Te Seminars are run from time to time in Benalla, (Victoria, Australia) by chief instructor John Hoffman, or at other locations when arranged by clubs and instructors. These will be advertised here wherever possible.

Seminars provide the opportunity to learn skills directly from Shihan Hoffman, to grow and hone your skills, and further your depth of knowledge in the art of self defence.

Self defence techniques focused on in seminars are generally practiced through one step sparring. Being conducted with a partner, one-step sparring provides the variables of distance, size, strength and speed which allows the student to become familiar in counteracting and assessing different threats.

Martial Artists from all styles are welcome. Seminars can be arranged in your area.

If you would like to enquire about engaging Shihan John Hoffman to instruct a seminar for your Martial Arts club or organisation, please Email

Note: For further opportunity to practice with Shihan Hoffman, please see the Clubs page regarding Shihan's Saturday practice sessions.

LATEST NEWS: Shihan John Hoffman is hosting an end of year Art of Self Defence Seminar on Satrurday 15th of December 2018 in Benalla, VIC followed by celebrations. This is a great opportunity for all students and instructors. 12pm start. Practicioners of all martial arts looking to broaden their knowledge and experience are welcome.